Listening to Bruce

Bruce Springsteen wants me to vote out the Republicans. Really, I got an email from him today. OK, me and a zillion other fans who subscribe to his mailing list. Still, he doesn’t email much, so I was happy to hear from him. After all, it’s the first time he’s written to me about anything other than upcoming concerts or albums.

    Now, if we had any Republicans from California in the Senate—or from my district in the House—I’d be happy to listen to Bruce and vote them out. Instead, I’ll be voting to keep our Democrats in, and glued to my TV election night wanting to see the outcome of the battles in the rest of the country.

       I’m wondering if Bruce’s call to action will make a difference to anyone. If I were undecided, as a loyal Bruce fan and a Jersey girl, would his email and its links to newspaper articles about the Iraq war have swayed me? If I were Republican, would Bruce loyalty take precedence over party loyalty? If I weren’t planning to vote, would Bruce asking me to go to the polls make a difference?

    I don’t know. But we Bruce fans are pretty rabid, so maybe, just maybe, Bruce’s email will change some minds, send a few more fans to vote. And, to quote the boss, I’m going to "show a little faith, there’s magic in the night" and hope for a magical Tuesday that turns this country blue.

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