Pertussis update

You may recall my rant about teens and pertussis a few weeks ago. The bad news is the local "outbreak" continues. The good news is that the high school brought in a truckload of vaccine. The outbreak was running through the school sports teams, and when a meet had to be forfeited, well, that got people’s attention.

So yesterday the school nurse lined up the kids who had turned in permission slips (my son reports that it was, like, everybody), and vaccinated those puppies! Said son says it felt as if he were in the army, or as best he could imagine that experience (hopefully, he’ll never find out for sure). Two long lines with one chair at each end, and a privacy divider just past the chair. You get to the front in the line, spend one turn sitting in the chair, the next behind the screen where one person is lining up the needles and another one sticking them in kids’ arms, and you’re done. My kid came home with a bandaid on his arm and, hopefully, the ending to my personal pertussis story.

But today I got an email from a friend in Boston; there’s a confirmed case of pertussis in her teen’s homeroom; now her son has early symptoms. And someone else’s pertussis story begins.

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