Strange white crystals

My teen was running  little late for school today, and asked for a ride to the end of the street (it gets him more than halfway to school and makes up a critical seven minutes). I grabbed my purse and climbed into the car, still wearing slippers. I hit the wipers to clear what I thought was dew on the window. Scrruunnch! Wow, frost. Thick frost. East coast thick frost.

I got out my purse. "Mom, what are you doing?" He resisted saying, "I’m going to be late."

    "I’m getting a credit card."

    "Okay." (Resisting saying, "Now you’ve totally lost your mind.")

    I explained to my son that the credit card is the Silicon Valley frost-scraper, and cleaned the windows, making sure I could see in every direction so I wouldn’t run over the younger kids walking to the elementary school.

    Meanwhile, my husband walked my 8 year old to school; a teen driving herself to high school missed running them over by inches. My husband banged on her window and she stopped and rolled the frost-covered window down. She apologized, said she didn’t see him. He told her that she needed to pull over RIGHT NOW and scrape her windows. She nodded and said yes of course, then hit the gas and zipped off down the street. He’s thinking she’s simply being foolish.

    Yeah, foolish. But I’m also thinking there’s a very good chance nobody explained frost to her in driver’s ed, and demonstrated that a credit card can be used for something besides charging overpriced T-shirts at Abercrombie’s.


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