The battle continues

Image19 The battle of the catermonsters continues. They’ve munched through the blackberries, the roses, the agapanthus, and are starting on the strawberries. We’ve ceded them the play structure, and the cocoons, three and five deep, look like strange growths shimmering with more caterpillars crawling over them. We brought in heavy weapons (a high-powered shop vac) and are still trying to defend the house. My DH vacuumed for about 4 hours Friday night, most of Saturday, and Sunday afternoon; the teen manned the defenses Sunday morning. And still they march forward. Normally, this time of year, I’d be thinking about putting in the vegetable garden; that project will either come late or not at all this year, it’d  just be a caterpillar buffet.

I hate that I can’t hang out outside with the kids, that our only outside activity now is battling catermonsters, that the swings have been abandoned. I think that if this is one effect of global warming I’m not going to deal with climate change very well. I’m deciding that if we ever move we are not buying a house within two blocks of a live oak. I’m thinking a nor’easter doesn’t sound so bad these days.

I look at the dried up chewed up leaves remaining on the live oaks that surround our house and feel no sympathy for them; I think about how much I hate these heritage trees, the clouds of pollen, the spiky leaves they drop year round, and their "protected" status. If only the catermonsters would simply consume them and leave the rest of the yard and house alone.

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