Ick ick eww ick ick ick

So about four weeks ago, on a business trip, I stayed at a horrid Holiday Inn in Olathe, Kansas. I had been looking forward to a relaxing evening before my meetings, hot tub, lovely meal from room service, and lots of quiet time. The hotel was in the midst of a huge renovation, the hot tub was torn up, restaurant closed, and quiet time, well, the workers stayed pretty late. So I didn’t get much on that wish list.

Instead I got scabies.

I found out today. I’ve been itching a lot lately, seemingly more and more. Had a little trouble during drive time yesterday because it was hard to concentrate on the road while fighting the urge to itch, so decided I really needed to get myself to a doctor. I had lots of theories about the itching that did trace it

back to that Holiday Inn—a reaction to the nasty shower soap at the
hotel; some kind of poisoning from the horrid chemical smell that
permeated my room one evening (apparently the workers had stored some
supplies in the room next to mine, they quickly  moved them and gave me
an air purifier after I complained); I even wondered if they had washed
the sheets in some particularly nasty detergent.

It didn’t occur to me, however, that perhaps they hadn’t washed the sheets at all.

Ick ick eww ick ick ick.

So now I have to put that nasty permethrin stuff (think lice
shampoo) all over my entire body for eight to ten lovely hours. And
wash everything in sight. And toast my pillows in the dryer. And vacuum,
vacuum, vacuum and throw the bag far far away. And then continue to
itch for another couple of weeks while the now-hopefully-dead buggies
work their way off of my body.

Ewwww ick ick ick ewww ick ick.

And for once, I’m glad my youngest has been too grown up for big
hugfests lately, even though I’ll get back to missing them hugely once
life gets back to normal; and that my husband’s had a bad cold and
hasn’t been particularly huggy himself. So hopefully this little
infestation will stop with me.

At least the house will be really clean for Thanksgiving.

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