Could swine flu sink my son’s senior spring?

J0104730 One high school in Silicon Valley has already been shut down. Santa Clara County Health officials are talking about the possibility of closing schools around the region, banning public gatherings. They are reassuring people that the swine flu emergency isn’t to that point yet, but they need to consider all the options.

Meanwhile, my oldest son is on the downhill slope of what has been a grueling senior year. College applications, college decisions, tough AP classes, a yearlong crunch to prepare for a summer drama festival—that’s just about over. Left ahead—the celebration of the end of 13 years of school, including the baccalaureate ceremony, the senior class picnic, graduation, and the grad nite party, and then packing up and taking the show he’s worked on all year over to the Fringe Festival in Scotland. Yeah, it’s a busy calendar, but it’s good busy, the reward at the end of the race.

And if swine flu catches hold, heck, if they find even one case at his high school, senior spring could simply disappear. His could be the first class that holds their graduation on Facebook and then gets their diplomas in the mail.

And this side effect of swine flu, not fear of the flu itself, is what has me checking the local papers anxiously every morning.

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